Looking to gain control over excessive cannabis use?

Reduce Cannabis


Looking to gain control over excessive cannabis use? Our audio hypnosis MP3s offer a path to healthier choices. The time is ripe for positive transformation. Implement lasting changes for quick and healthy success. By successfully reducing cannabis use, you achieve a new level of freedom, control, and well-being.

Start your journey to change today. Our audio hypnosis MP3s guide you toward a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

We also provide a manual so you know exactly how to achieve the best results with our audio hypnosis MP3s.

You’ll gain access to 6 downloadable audio files (MP3).

The base session (passive), a shorter version (passive), and a session to listen to while walking.

Earn up to 37 points.

Main Advantages of Audio Hypnosis: Boosting Well-being with Comfort and Flexibility

💰 Economical: Audio hypnosis is usually much more affordable than individual sessions, offering a budget-friendly alternative.

🔁 Reusable: You can listen to the same audio multiple times, providing continuous support without additional costs.

📅 Flexible Schedule: Listen at any time that suits you, allowing greater flexibility and control over your therapeutic schedule.

📚 Variety of Options: Access to a wide range of themes and styles to choose from, meeting specific needs and preferences.

🧘‍♀️ Complementary Therapy: It can be used together with other therapies and treatments, improving general well-being.

🌱 Personal Autonomy: Promotes self-help and personal growth, promoting independence in mental health management.

Wondering about the cost?

Unbeatable Value at Just €37

For a one-time fee of just €37, you gain access to a comprehensive, life-enhancing package that is unlike any other in the market.


3 Unique Session Types

3 Unique Session Types

1: Long Version: Immerse yourself in a deep, transformative experience.

2: Short Version: Perfect for those busy days when you need a quick but effective reset.

3: Active Version: For those who find peace and focus in movement, enjoy our walk-and-listen sessions.

With or Without Music

With or Without Music

Each session type comes in two versions: one with carefully curated background music to enhance your trance, and one without, so you can choose your preferred setting.

Total of 6 Files

Total of 6 Files

That's right! You'll get six different files to cater to your specific needs and preferences, all for the incredibly competitive price of €37.

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