Worried about your fear of dying affecting daily life?

Fear of Dying


Struggling with existential fears? Our audio hypnosis MP3s aim to help you come to terms with the inevitable aspect of life we all face: death. Gain peace of mind and live your life fully by addressing and reducing this anxiety. Our package includes 6 downloadable audio files with different versions to suit your needs, along with a manual for maximum effectiveness.

Earn up to 37 points.

Main Advantages of Audio Hypnosis: Boosting Well-being with Comfort and Flexibility

💰 Economical: Audio hypnosis is usually much more affordable than individual sessions, offering a budget-friendly alternative.

🔁 Reusable: You can listen to the same audio multiple times, providing continuous support without additional costs.

📅 Flexible Schedule: Listen at any time that suits you, allowing greater flexibility and control over your therapeutic schedule.

📚 Variety of Options: Access to a wide range of themes and styles to choose from, meeting specific needs and preferences.

🧘‍♀️ Complementary Therapy: It can be used together with other therapies and treatments, improving general well-being.

🌱 Personal Autonomy: Promotes self-help and personal growth, promoting independence in mental health management.

Wondering about the cost?

Unbeatable Value at Just €37

For a one-time fee of just €37, you gain access to a comprehensive, life-enhancing package that is unlike any other in the market.


3 Unique Session Types

3 Unique Session Types

1: Long Version: Immerse yourself in a deep, transformative experience.

2: Short Version: Perfect for those busy days when you need a quick but effective reset.

3: Active Version: For those who find peace and focus in movement, enjoy our walk-and-listen sessions.

With or Without Music

With or Without Music

Each session type comes in two versions: one with carefully curated background music to enhance your trance, and one without, so you can choose your preferred setting.

Total of 6 Files

Total of 6 Files

That's right! You'll get six different files to cater to your specific needs and preferences, all for the incredibly competitive price of €37.

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