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    General Terms and Conditions - Affiliate Program

    These are the General Terms and Conditions applicable to participation in the affiliate program of The Spiral LTD. By agreeing to these terms, you are assumed to be aware of the rights and obligations outlined in these general terms.


    1. The Spiral LTD: A private limited company registered in Bulgaria.

    2. Affiliate: Any individual or legal entity that has accepted these General Terms and Conditions and has been approved by The Spiral LTD to promote products and information via their Affiliate site.

    3. Affiliate Site: The website(s) through which the Affiliate participates in the affiliate program of The Spiral LTD.

    Registration and Acceptance

    1. Anyone who owns an internet site can apply to become an Affiliate.

    2. Registration as an Affiliate implies acceptance and respect of these General Terms and Conditions.


    1. The Affiliate shall only use the content provided by The Spiral LTD for the affiliate program and shall not make any alterations.

    2. Affiliates are not allowed to use the provided material for actions or behaviors that violate applicable laws, netiquette, advertising code guidelines, or these General Terms. This includes, but is not limited to:

      • Sending spam: Unsolicited mass emails or unsolicited posting in forums, newsgroups, or blogs
      • Violating copyright laws or other intellectual property rights
      • Deception of third parties
    3. Affiliates are not allowed to download the provided MP3s for commercial purposes or include them as a (free) part of treatments with clients.


    1. The Affiliate is entitled to a commission if The Spiral LTD has recorded a sale via the Affiliate site.

    2. The registration of sales as displayed on the website of The Spiral LTD is binding for the Affiliate.

    3. The Affiliate will invoice The Spiral LTD for the commission.

    4. Payment of the commission will occur monthly to the bank account specified by the Affiliate. If the monthly commission is less than €75, payment will be deferred until the total amount reaches €75 or more.


    1. The Spiral LTD reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate agreement at any time, with a notice period of two (2) weeks.

    2. The Affiliate can terminate the Affiliate Agreement at any time, without notice, by sending an email to

    3. Upon termination, any outstanding commissions will be paid by The Spiral LTD within seven (7) working days after the end of the month in which the termination occurred.


    All information provided by you to The Spiral LTD will be treated as strictly confidential.


    1. The Spiral LTD is not liable for any damages or losses suffered by the Affiliate or a third party as a result of using the services provided.

    2. The Affiliate is responsible for the accuracy of their account information.

    3. The Spiral LTD is not liable for delays or errors in payment due to incorrect or incomplete information provided.


    1. The Affiliate shall not make commitments or enter into obligations on behalf of The Spiral LTD.

    2. The Affiliate is not authorized to transfer (a part of) their Affiliate agreement to a third party.

    3. The Spiral LTD reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. Affiliates will be digitally notified. If the changes are unacceptable to the Affiliate, they are entitled to terminate the Affiliate Agreement. Otherwise, the Affiliate is assumed to have accepted the changes.

    4. If any provision of this agreement is in conflict with applicable law, it will be modified to comply with the law, while maintaining the intent of the provision.

    5. These General Terms and Conditions are governed solely by Bulgarian law, and disputes will be resolved in Bulgarian courts.